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Products No. Hopeland A117
Name: Cage Welding Machine
Equipment Picture
This Wire Cage Welding Machine is designed for the Reinforced Concrete pipes Production Lines.
With the Hydraulic, Pneumatic system, and Synchronous transition diameter motor, Our full-automatic Cage Welding machine can make cage from 300-3000mm in diameter and 1000-5000mm in length, it's also capable to make cages with socket&spigot joint and flat joint. especially it can control the angel of spigot automaticly.
besides, this machine also make the double cages for high loading bear. it just needs only 1 worker to operate it.
Technical Parameter
1¡¢welding frame size: 230¡Á230~380¡Á380£¨produce pile :300¡¢350¡¢400¡¢450£©
2¡¢Cage length15000mm:£¨or as request£©
3¡¢ine- rebar Diameter: §¶7.1-§¶12.6mm
4¡¢Coil Diameter: §¶4-§¶6mm
5¡¢cage body pitch 5-120mm
1.  press by cylinder, easy to adjust.
2.  drived by dc servo motor, the welding speed could be adjusted stably.
3.  could be drived by up electrode gear or down electrode gear.
4.  water cooling mode
5.  two welding direction.
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